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Saturday, July 05, 2008


"Highams Green"?

TESCO for Highams Park?
Tesco have drawn up fresh proposals for a big store in Highams Park (off Larkshall Road). The suggested development is to be known as "Highams Green".
(Photo: Tesco near Charlie Brown's roundabout, Woodford).
Included in the plans:
* a supermarket (same size as in the last application) with 350 covered parking spaces under the store [which would be on the first storey]
* 50 terraced houses
* 260 new homes in 4-storey blocks of flats
* Highams Green - new public green space
* 7 independent shops
* community space - e.g. a hall?
* office space
* business starter units and workshops
We now need to see whether these proposals receive general approval or opposition.
All views welcome. See top of page for how to contact us!

I am absolutely appalled at the latest propsals for Highams Green, as were all the people attending the exhibition on Saturday morning (despite the Tesco lawyer assuring me there was a lot of support). the local infrastructure is not designed to cope with extra volume of traffic this development will bring, one representative said it could be up to 12 delivery lorries per day. When I asked what provision would be made for the pressure on existing services eg, schools and medical services I was told that was th council's problem.
It's funny but everyone I speak to wants Tesco's to be built.

I just hope that everyone who wants this regeneration of Highams Park to take place makes their voices heard this time.
I am all for the regeneration of Highams Park. However, I am very concerned about the size of the Tesco and the impact it will have with regard to Traffic in the area. From looking at the web site the development has been very well thought out and punches a lot of buttons with regard to local employment and area improvement, according to a flyer I have received directly from Tesco the stat for delivery lorries and extra cars will not present a problem. I simply do not believe this.
I just cannot see how the current roads will cope with a development of such a size.
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